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Town of Shady Shores STRUCTURE Moving Permit

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  2. Town of Shady Shores

    Development Department

    101 S. Shady Shores Rd.

    Shady Shores, TX 76208

    940-498-0044 x 110

    Hours: 9:00 am- 2:00 pm; Monday-Friday

    Permit Tech: Joan Davis

  3. Structure Moving Application/Permit

  4. Type of Structure
  5. Current Structure Location
  6. Structure being moved outside of the Town?
  7. New Location
  8. Structure
  9. If the structure is to be relocated WITHIN the town, a separate REMODEL and ADDITION permit shall be required

    Log in to the Citizen's Portal to submit. 

    Manufactured Homes require a separate application found on the Citizen's Portal.

  10. I agree to allow no work to be performed for which separate permits are required (such as signs, elevators, gasoline tanks, plumbing installations, electrical work, awnings, etc) until such permits have been obtained. I understand that if a permit is issued, all provisions of the town ordinances and state laws will be complied with, whether herein specified or not. I am the owner of this property or his duly authorized agent. 

    This permit expires within 180 days from the date of issuance unless actual work begins. 

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