More in Shady Shores use your Zip + 4

More in Shady Shores use your Zip + 4
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Why Use your Zip + 4?

  • Quicker deliveries- the last 4 digits point to the delivery route often saving 1-2 days in processing time
  • Accuracy in delivery- mail is handled less meaning misdelivery or error is decreased 
  • More money stays in Shady Shores- Sharing a zip code with 2 other major cities means sales tax can be misappropriated. Using your zip + 4 means more revenue for the Town of Shady Shores
    • More revenue in Shady Shores means more funds for budget items like:
      • Road Improvements
      • Emergency Services 
      • Community Revenue 
        • and more! 

Where do I find my Zip +4?

Zip+4s are unique to routing and delivery. Each resident should verify the Zip + 4 for their property. 

Find my Zip+4

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