Swimming Pools / Hot Tubs / Spas

Permit Applications must contain the following:

1. Three sets of plans with original stamps by the electrical service provider. Plans should indicate the location of the pool in relation to property lines and the distance the pool will be from any structures. Pool plans must also show the drainage on the yard that is affected by the pool addition. (One set will be sent electronically and 2 sets will be delivered to Town Hall. 

Measurements will be made to the pool structure itself – not the water’s edge. 

Location and set back requirements include:

 A. Rear Yard: The pool must be located at least five feet from the rear property line.

 B. Side Yard: The pool must be located at least five feet from the side property line. 

C. Easements: Pools and pool equipment shall not be located within any easement. 

D. Buildings: Pools must be located no less than five feet from buildings with foundations and at least one foot for every one foot of depth – measured to any point of excavation. For example, if a portion of a pool is six feet deep, that portion of the pool must be located at least six feet from a building that utilizes a foundation. Any pool located closer than the 1:1 ratio to the foundation will require an original signed engineering letter. 

Note: The measurement will be from the point at which the natural grade touches the foundation and any area excavated for the pool construction. 

EXCEPTION: Above-ground pools/spas shall be installed no less than 3 ft. from the property line or house foundation line. 

E. Pool Equipment: Pool equipment shall not be located within the front yard of a lot or within an easement. Pool equipment shall not be attached to a common fence separating an adjoining property. Pool equipment shall not be installed in drainage swales and designated drainage easements. Pool equipment shall be installed no less than 10’ from an operable window.

 F. Drain Lines: The location of drain lines and arrows must be indicated on the plans.

 2. An original signed and notarized completed copy of the Pool Permit Certification. 

3. A completed permit application. Applications must include the name of plumbing and electrical contractors. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

4. Permit Expiration: Permits expire 180 days from the issue date. 

5. Permit Fees: See Fee Schedule

Inspections may be requested here

  •  At all times during the construction of a pool, a temporary fence that is at least thirty-six inches in height must completely surround the pool. Whenever an inspection is performed and the temporary fence does not surround the pool, the pool company will be subject to a re-inspection fee as well as other citations.
  • When requesting an inspection, verify that all dogs are removed from the pool area. 


1. Pool barriers shall comply with Town requirements. 

2. The contractor and property owner shall comply with Section 11.086 of the Texas Water Code, which prohibits a person from diverting or impounding the natural flow of water in a manner that causes damages to the property of another. The contractor and property owner understand that one way to ensure compliance with this obligation is to hire a registered engineer to prepare a detailed drainage plan for the lot on which the pool is to be constructed

3. Swimming pool plans shall provide details indicating how backwash water will be disposed of. Such water shall not be dumped onto the ground or used for irrigation purposes unless it can be demonstrated to the Building Inspector’s satisfaction that such water will not create a drainage problem for the lot on which the pool is to be built or any adjoining lot. Other methods may be used, if the Building Inspector is satisfied that no problems will be created by the proposed method. 

4. Applicable requirements of the  Ordinance 366-10-2022 adopted codes

Please be advised that the following inspections are required and will be performed by city inspectors:

5. Belly Steel / Electrical Bond Inspection: This inspection is required prior to the placement of any gunite within the pool. 

6. Deck Steel, Electrical Bond, Electrical Underground and Plumbing: Before any concrete is placed for the pool deck, the placement of steel and the electrical bond must be inspected and approved. 

7. Gas Line Inspection (if needed).

8. Pre-plaster / Final Inspection. Before any water is placed in the pool, the permanent fence and gates, the grass or sod, and the exterior door alarm (on any door that opens from the house to the pool area) shall be installed, inspected, and approved. The grass or sod must be in place in order to avoid erosion. 

9. At the pool final inspection, gates must swing shut and latch. All windows and doors facing the pool must have code-compliant alarms. Failure to have any of these items will result in a red tag being issued and the pool final failing.

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