2022 Clean Up Events

Fall Sweep 2022

November 12, 2022; 8:00am -1:00pm 

Republic Services will host FALL SWEEP-Clean Up 

Items will be collected at Lake Dallas City Park. 

101 East Hundley, Lake Dallas TX 

Fall Sweep 2022 Facebook Post (1)

2022 Holiday Grease Round-Up

Nov. 22, 2022-January 10, 2023

Collection cans are located in the Town Hall Parking Lot. 

Don't throw your Thanksgiving grease down the drain- Round it up and recycle it for FREE! 

Thanksgiving, with its fried turkeys, buttery foods, and gravy, can be hard on the diet—and on pipes and sewer systems. When fats, oils, and grease are washed down the drain, they stick to the inside of pipes, hardening and building up until they cause clogs and sewer backups. This can cause sewage to overflow into homes, streets, and local waterways. Whether the repairs are in your home or in the street, it can be costly and inconvenient. If the sewer overflows, city crews have to shut down streets, tying up traffic and increasing expenses for both residents and municipalities.

Instead of washing your grease down the drain, participate in the Holiday Grease Roundup and recycle it for free! The 2022 Holiday Grease Roundup kicks off Monday, November 22, and ends Monday, January 10.

The collected cooking oil and grease will be recycled into biodiesel or biogas, which reduces landfill waste and produces an alternative fuel that is clean and green.

How to Easily Transfer Used Cooking Oil for Recycling

Holdliay Grease roundUp 2022
Flow chart grease

April 30, Spring Clean Day Tables and Events- Collection Reports


Roots Lawn Care- Native Plant Demonstration at 10:00 am


Roll-off in the back parking lot

Computer Crusher

Donate 2 Impact

Magic Shred - 5080 pds collected


Lake Cities Library- 4 new library cards

Lake Cities Run/Walk Group

Lake Cities Girl Scouts 

CORP of Engineers

Boy Scout Troop 60

Cub Scout Pack 60


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North Texas Community Cleanup Challenge

Grab your gloves and litter pickers! The North Texas Community Cleanup Challenge (NTCCC) is on! This region-wide litter clean-up challenge is between cities and counties. As part of the NTCCC, communities compete to see who can cumulatively clean up the most litter during the months of March-May.  We could earn a trophy and bragging rights! 

Participating is easy! 

1. Organize a cleanup event with your own friends or family. OR  Pick up litter each time you walk around your neighborhood or park

2. Log your littler loot each time you pick up litter during March-May (see collection form at bottom of page)

3. Share your efforts and pictures online using #lifehappenshere, #NTXCleanupchallenge. 

To learn more about the NTCCC please visit, wwww.communitycleanupchallenge.com

The North Texas Community Cleanup Challenge is a program of the Stormwater Public Education Task Force (PETF) a subcommittee of the Regional Stormwater Management Coordinating Council. The Regional Stormwater Management Coordinating Council's mission is to implement cooperative programs and projects to manage stormwater quality in the North Central Texas region. The Council is a committee of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG. Find out more at www.nctcog.org/envir/watershed-management/stormwater

Spring Clean Event

 March 1st-May 31st

As part of the Great American Clean Up, neighbors are encouraged to create their own clean-up events. One-time events or ongoing, individual or group, you pick the area and then send in your collection data. 

How to Create Your Own Keep Shady Shores Beautiful Events

We have a limited amount of supplies we can help with. Click HERE  to make the request

Collection Form

I am planning a clean-up, please help me notify others. Click here to tell us about your event.

Spring Clean