Strategic Plan for the Town of Shady Shores

2023-2025 Strategic Plan can be viewed here. 

2023 Accomplishments and 2024 Goals

2023 Accomplishments 2024 Goals 
Strategic Plan: Develop an Infrastructure Plan  
Broadband project – Pavlov installed maintenance huts and laid the majority or conduit/fiber lines in the municipalities  Pavlov will light up the fiber ring, provide service to Town Hall and offer service to the residents 
Designed and constructed 6 projects from the 2021 CO Fritz Lane Asphalt Roadway Repair
Eason Road Paving Improvements
Cogburn Court Pavement Repair/Comanche
 Lakeshore Rd- N. End of FEMA Repair
North to Oberman Lane
Fritz Lane Culvert Repair
Olive's Branch and West Shady Shores Rd.
Olives' Branch Drainage Improvements  
Complete the remaining 2 projects from the 2021 CO
CO= Certificates of Obligation
Oberman Repairs
Shahan Repairs
Completed the following additional road/repair public works projects
Lakeside Villas/Mcclintock Extension
Brown Terrace-Keatings Kove
Boundary Survey for Keatings Kove/Brown Terrace
Shady Shores Wash Out Repair
These projects were paid for through General Funds
Setup an infrastructure subcommittee – reviewed outstanding projects, identified additional projects, started prioritization and preliminary estimates  Review infrastructure subcommittee list of potential projects and prioritization with the Council and residents with Council, identify potential funding sources
County Bond package TRIP 22 – money allocated in the first tranche for 2 South Shady Shores projects, and for engineering for Dobbs Road and West Shady Shores Road   Continue to work with Denton County on the South Shady Shores Road projects
Work with Corinth on engineering designs for West Shady Shores Road
Work with Corinth and Lake Dallas on completing the engineering for Dobbs Road 
Strategic Plan: Design a development and re-development strategy   
Code enforcement transition – retirement and training of a new code enforcement officer, identification of structures with potential safety issues (dangerous structures)  Review and mitigation of dangerous structures 
New subdivisions under construction – Lakeside Villas, Lakeshore Bluffs Finish out of Lakeside villas (all permits have been issued)
Lakeshore Bluffs – Infrastructure construction has begun, home construction to start in 2024.  
Started review/development of a comprehensive plan for the Town   Complete update of comprehensive plan
Joint work session held with the Planning and Zoning Commission 
Started review and update of the planned development ordinance  Complete update of planned development ordinance 
  Develop a re-vitalization plan 
Strategic Plan: Promote and protect green spaces and pathways for connectivity   
Identified initial projects, Town Hall campus, north end of Garza, Shady Lane Parklet    
Developed action plans for projects  Complete current actions and update with next steps 
Cleaned up area at the north end of Garza   
Started a trails master plan, worked with one consultant group and reviewing with several other consultants/contractors  Continue development of master trails plan 
Strategic Plan: Increase citizen involvement by engaging, educating and communicating the Town’s vision   
Education presentations – Budget 101, Tax rate 101, Mock Council meeting with Boy Scouts  Budget 101 and Tax rate  
Community events – Spring Arbor Day, Shady Shores Night Out, Tree Lighting Shady Shores Movie Nights, Block Party and Chili Cook Off
New ways to interact with the Town via the website and mobile app, new software for town operations  Solid waste accounts move to new software 
Mayors walks and clean up days  Coffee with the Council 
Strategic Plan: Cultivate relationships with centers of influence  
Participation in Denton County Days and legislative updates. Review of new state laws for required process and ordinance changes   Continue to follow implementation of new state laws and necessary changes 
Denton County interaction – Monthly Mayors luncheons, meet and greet with new commissioner, Kevin Falconer  Continue with lunches and coordination on road projects 
Attended Texas Municipal League conference  Attend TML Conference
Lake Cities Mayors – periodic dinner meetings, mayors prayer breakfast; charity events  Continue
Met new LDISD superintendent, participating in the Falcon Insider program   Continue
Meetings/coordination with Corp of Engineers  Continue
Participation in Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce luncheons; sponsor events and bus tour  Continue
Strategic Plan: Research and discover new or additional revenue generation opportunities   
Investment accounts reviewed and negotiated new interest rates  Continue to monitor interest rates 
Subcommittee setup for review of Town contracts
3 have been put out for bid 
Select next items to put out for bid 
Started review/development of a comprehensive plan for the Town   Complete update of comprehensive plan 
Started review and update of the planned development ordinance  Complete update of planned development ordinance 

2022 Strategic Planning Committee

Cindy Aughinbaugh, Mayor

Nathan Abato

Don Caver

Randal DuPape

Bill Emsoff

Charles Grimes

Monty Hilliard

Josh Juve

Bill Krueger

Allen Lea

Mike Nowels

Wendy Withers, Staff

Strategic Plan Documents

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