Vision- Mission

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Mission Statement

The Town of Shady Shores endeavors to preserve the original charm of the town, while providing efficient and effective service, at a reasonable cost to our residents. 

We remain committed to citizen involvement through transparency, active volunteerism and sound fiscal management. 

Vision Statement

Shady Shores, an ideal lakeside community, where life happens.

2023 Focus: Authentic Engagement

We are in a time when the world is moving more and more towards technology enhanced engagement. While often that enhanced technology brings with it ease and speed, it looses the human connectivity and engagement. For 2023 the Town of Shady Shores will seek opportunities to bring our community together in authentic ways. 

2022 Focus: Renewed Commitment to Connection

2020 and 2021 left everyone with a new perspective to the value of relationships. In 2022, Town of Shady Shores staff and council have renewed their commitment to connecting. Connecting to one another, to our community as a whole, to our environment, to our overall wholeness.