Carports / Garages Permitting Application and Information

Carports / Garages

  • Information: A partially enclosed structure used for the housing of motor vehicles, the property of, and for use only by the occupants of the lot upon which such structure is located requires a permit. A carport attached to a principal structure shall not extend closer to the front or side property line than the required front or side setback. Detached structures shall be compatible with the main structure.  The attached garages shall not extend closer to the front property line than that of the front house  View the full Zoning Ordinance online.
  • Submittal Requirements: Carports/Garage/Patio Covers Application, site plan, foundation/footing plan, elevation plan, framing plan, electrical plan (if applicable).
  • Plan Submittal
  • Plan Submittal: Plans will be submitted electronically online and one set delivered in person to the Development Services Center
  • Inspections Required: Footings, Framing, and/or piers (must be done before concrete is poured), and Finals

What type of accessory building are you planning?

Read more information on the Accessory Structures page to ensure you are preparing for the correct permit.