Roofing Permits

RE-Roofing Permits

Most re-roofing requires a permit.  Simple replacement of a few shingles does not require a permit.  If in doubt, contact Development Services for clarification. However, if any portion of roof decking is replaced, a permit will be required. Decking thickness shall be sized in accordance with the 2021 International Residential Code (IRC).


Submittal Requirements

  1. Permit Application
  2. HOA Approval (if applicable)


Inspections Required:

Plan Review

Final Inspection – If the house has gas, the inspector will need to do an inspection in the attic.


Inspection Requests:   Inspections will be requested online by filling out the Inspection Request form.  


Cost:  The base permit price for this type of project is listed on the fee schedule. At a minimum, the project will require the above-listed inspections. Additional inspections will be subject to an increase in fees.


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