On Site Sewage Facility

Existing On-Site Sewage Systems are Not “Grandfathered.”   All modifications to the existing On-Site Sewage Facility require a new permit and approval process, including the relocation of sprinklers or adding lines. The submission of a completely new design, permit application, and the associated fee is required prior to modifications.

There are several steps when applying for an On-Site Sewage Facility Application Permit.

Property NOT served by Lake Cities Municipal  Utilities Authority shall furnish:

  1. Obtain a copy of the survey or plat of the property. This document should note all boundary easements and rights-of-way. The property should contain at least one (1) acre for a well and septic system. If the property is smaller than one acre and was platted or subdivided before 1988 a professional design must be obtained from a Professional Engineer or Registered Sanitarian.
  2. Determine the proposed location of the home, septic system, and water well. Also, include any other improvements to be made to the property (pool, barn, etc.). All existing or proposed structures must be identified.
  3. Obtain a soil and site evaluation of the property determining the soil suitability, setback requirements, and system selection. A Professional Engineer or State Registered Site Evaluator must conduct the site evaluation.
  4. After the site evaluation is completed, a Professional Engineer or Registered Sanitarian must design the septic system. The Design or Planning Material must be drawn “To Scale.” 

5. Fill out your On-Site Sewage Facility Application in its entirety including signature(s) and date. Please read carefully.

6. Your Plan Review Package must include the following items:

  • Complete and sign the On-Site Sewage Facility Application 
  • Site Evaluation criteria.
  • Design / Planning Material –Drawn “To Scale.”
  • Copy of survey or plat of the property.
  • Copy of the recorded Affidavit to the Public. (For all Aerobic systems)- Evidence of signed affidavit filed with the county- What you must know: On-Site Sewage Facilities a.k.a Septic Systems
  • Copy of the Maintenance Contract signed by both parties. (For all Aerobic systems)
  • Copy of well log. (If applicable.)
  • Any request for an exception or variance to the rules shall be prepared by a Professional Engineer or Registered Sanitarian, notarized, and submitted with the proposed application.
  • Permitting Fees