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  4. Action Club is open to anyone who would like to participate, regardless of residency within Shady Shores, TX. We plan to set up monthly Facebook Events to engage members to participate from anywhere.
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    This helps us plan books and activities to meet many multi-generational members. 

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    If you would be willing to help organize and coordinate our program along side staff please indicate which areas: 

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    I hereby authorize the Town of Shady Shores to use my photo and/or information related to my experiences with Action Book Club and/or Town of Shady Shores. I understand this information may be used in publications, including electronic publications, audiovisual presentations, promotional literature, advertising, community presentations, letters to area legislators and media and/or other similar ways.  My consent is freely given as a public service without expecting payment. I release Town of Shady Shores and their respective employees, officers and agents from any and all liability which may arise from the use of such news media stories, promotional materials, written articles, videotape and/or photographs.  I understand that I can revoke this release any time in writing and that the use of any of my photos or other information authorized by this release will immediately cease. 

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