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Short Term Rental Permit Application

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  2. Town of Shady Shores

    Development Department

    101 S. Shady Shores Rd. Shady Shores TX 76208

    940-498-0044, #110

    Permit Tech

    Joan Davis

  3. Short Term Rental Permit Application

  4. Requirements Checklist
    • No External Signage
    • Working Smoke Alarms
    • Working Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    • Working Fire Extinguisher (5lbs., ABC rated)
    • Sample Informational Brochure
    • Maximum Number of Occupants Permitted
    • Floor Plan with Room Dimensions, identifying bedrooms, other living spaces, and emergency evacuation routes
    • Proof of Insurance
    • Copy of Proposed Host Rules
    • Site Plan or Survey Showing Parking Areas/Spaces
    • Two Forms of Proof of Primary Residence of Property Owner ii

    I Occupancy Limit- no more than two adults per bedroom plus two additional adults with a maximum of 12 persons

    ii Proof of primary residence may include motor vehicle registration, driver’s license, Texas State ID card, voter registration, property tax documents, or utility bill. PO BOX addresses do not prove residency.

    This checklist represents a quick list of the requirements. Please read the sample inspection checklist and all related materials before submitting. 

  5. Property Address of Short-Term Rental

  6. Owner of Premises Information

  7. Certification

    I certify that I am the property owner and occupy this residence as my primary residence and I will provide an informative brochure to my guests that includes my 24-hour contact information and a local 24-hour contact number should I be out of town during the rental of my property, pertinent neighborhood information (such as noise restrictions and trash collection schedules) and information to assist guests in case of emergencies. I understand that I shall include the correct limits of guests and vehicles when advertising the property as a short-term rental based on the 2019 Town of Shady Shores Development Code and will include the prohibition against the use of the property for having a party in any advertisement, listing or other publication offering the premises for rent and will include the permit number assigned to the property by the Town of Shady Shores as a short-term rental in all advertisements.

  8. Acknowledgement of E-Signature*

    By entering your full name below, you are (a) agreeing to all of the statements in the Acknowledgement, and (b) agreeing to use an electronic signature to demonstrate your acceptance of the Acknowledgement. Your electronic signature is as legally binding as a handwritten signature.

  9. Operator or Designated Local Responsible Party

  10. Hotel Occupancy Tax Information

    The Town of Shady Shores imposes a 7% hotel occupancy tax per Chapter 11: Taxation of its municipal code. Reporting and payment of the town’s 7% occupancy tax are made by the property owner directly to the State of Texas Comptroller, using its required reporting form.  Please contact the Development Department at (940) 498-0044 x 110 for more information.

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