Planning & Zoning Committee

Planning and Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission administers land development procedures in the Town of Shady Shores. The primary function of the Planning and Zoning Commission is to make recommendations to the Town Council relative to the approval of plats, re-plats, construction plans, zoning issues and subdivision approvals. The Commission meets the second Thursday each month at 6:30 pm.

CommissionerPlaceTerm Expires
Paul BrownPlace 1, Vice Chairman

September 30, 2023
Don CaverPlace 2September 30, 2024
Frank GrahamPlace 3September 30, 2023
Nathan AbatoPlace 4 September 30, 2024
Josh JuvePlace 5, ChairmanSeptember 30, 2023
Randal DuPapeAlternateSeptember 30, 2023
Michael YoungAlternate 2September 30, 2023


Herd Addition- 101 Lakeshore Road (click to view)

Public Hearing 12.6.2022

Hidden Valley Phase 6 (click to view)

Public Hearing 12.6.2022

Lakeshore Bluffs Preliminary Plat

- Public Hearing Planning and Zoning Commission 11.04.2021

- Public Hearing Town Council 11.08.2021

Lakeshore Bluffs 2nd Submission 
-Planning and Zoning Approved 9.2.2021
-Public Hearing SS Town Council 9.13.2021
Approved on 09.13.2021
Ordinance Approving Zoning Change Approved 10.11.2021 (352-10-2021)


"Lakeside Villas" Final Plat Approved 10.11..2021