Lake Cities Focus believes that postive changes in student development often occur through everyday communication with adults in their lives.  Each parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle teacher, school administrator, sprots coach, scout leader, pastor, neighbor and community member has the abillity to make the conversations they are already havin with individual students in their lives more meaningful.

Listed below are free resources and direc tlinks that adults can use to help guide conversations and cultivate Developmental Relationships.  All this information can be found The Search Institute.

Additional Information and materials including Developmental Asset lists for different age ranges and language translations.

View the TED Talk given by the Search Institute's president and CEO Kent Pekel where he discusses Developmental Assets, Developmental Relationships, and the 4's (sparks, strengths, struggles and support).


There is no single coping mechanism that works for everyone.  Information and downloadable tools to help young people find strategies that will work for them are available here.

Developmental Assets
Developmental Relationships Framework
Talk About it Cards
Coronavirus Checklist