Investment Committee


investment picture.jpgGovernment Code 2256.001 (The Public Funds Investment Act) requires that a municipality adopt a written investment policy by ordinance or resolution. The policy must be reviewed annually. The policy establishes guidelines for investing town funds, designates and investment officer and provides reporting standards and requirements. The policy also also authorizes the creation of an investment committee responsible for making recommendations and decisions regarding the town's investments. The committee shall prepare and submit a written report of investment transactions for all funds to the Town Council. This report should be submitted no less than quarterly.

The Investment Committee meets on a quarterly basis and consists of the Mayor, Mayor Pro-Tem, Two Councilmembers and the Town Administrator.

Current Investment Committee Members:

Mayor Cindy Aughinbaugh
Mayor Pro Tem Tom Newell
Councilmember Mike Nowels
Councilmember Charles Grimes
Town Administrator; Wendy Withers

Shady Shores Investment Policy- Updated 09.14.2020

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